"Overall Org Chart"

THE UP College of Dentistry Centennial Committee is the main body tasked with the organization, coordination and supervision of all the Social Events, Commemoratives, Advocacy, Research and Public Good Programs for the UP College of Dentistry and the UP Dental Alumni Association, Inc. during the UPCD Centennial from February 2015 up to February 2016. 
At present, it has formed 45 subcommittees with 80 alumni working to ensure the success of all its 100 centennial programs, projects and events. It presently boasts of an organizational set up of 150 alumni.
 It convened an Alumni Council composed of 69 class representatives with which it is coordinating to reach an estimated 1,500 living alumni. 
It has identified 7 Key Result Areas, namely, 100% Organization, 100% Engagement, 100% Participation, 100% Fun, 100M Endowment and Development Fund, advocating for 100 Hours of Volunteer Dental Service and 100% Dental Care

Early Meetings at our favourite place: Joji’s Home  
Early meeting at the Bayanihyan Hall Unilab.
The 2nd Meeting at Via Mare in St. Luke’s Global.
1Overall Org Chart
Organizational Chart
Overall Chair – Joji Tan (1984)
Honorary Chair – Vic Medina (1986)
Independent Deputy Chair– JP dela Vega
Deputy Chair – MayeeAlmoro (1990)
Secretary-General – RizaCustodio (1991)
Deputy Secretaries – Jet Custodio (1990) and Giselle Yumul (2000)
Treasurer – Marilyn Leung (1975)
Deputy Treasurer – RiaGener (2005)
Auditor – Bobby Eustaquio (1981)
PRO – Alan Roa (1983)
Chairpersons– Vicky Pangilinan (1990)
 Ian Ermita (1994)
 No-ne Rivera (1989)
 Fay Dizon (1984)
 Carina de los Reyes (1982)
A. Secretariat Subcommittee:
Chair – RizaCustodio
Members – Jet Custodio
       Giselle Yumul
        Jean Arevalo (2001)
B. Finance Subcommittee:
Chair – Marilyn Leung
Deputy Treasurer – RiaGener
C. Ways and Means Subcommittee:
Chair – No-ne Rivera
Honarary Chair – JP dela Vega 
Deputy Chair – Fay Dizon
D. Public Image Subcommittee:
Chair – Alan Roa
Honorary Chair – JP dela Vega 
Deputy Chair– Gigi Wong (1992)
Members - Bubut Vasquez (1981) (Facebook)
RaddyMabasa (1989) (Documentation)
       Mariel Sunit  (2005) (Social Media) 
Lala Sanchez (2005) (Media Relations)
       Monica Yñiguez (2008) (Press Relations)
Dash Zialcita
Joanna Lucino
Ivan Ocampo
Vince Perez
E. Advocacies Subcommittee:
Chair – Carina de los Reyes
Deputy Chair – MariroseEala (1984)
E1. “UnangNgipinPatibayin” Program Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Noel Vallesteros (1988)
Honorary Member – Fenella Galvan
Members –Fina Lopez (1997)
       Daisy Cornejo (2002)
       Abbie Marcelo 
       Carina de los Reyes
Joji Tan
       Sheila Mendoza (2002)
E2. Pilot Research Program Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Susan Mabunga (1982)
Bioethics Advisor – Winston Cham (1991)
Lead Investigators - Dean Vic Medina
            Susan Mabunga
            Carina de los Reyes
Co-investigators - MariroseEala
        Noel Vallesteros
        Winston Cham
        Daisy Cornejo 
        Abbie Marcelo
Fina Lopez 
Fenella Galvan
Joji Tan
Research Assistant - WebyClaracay
E3. UNP Training Program for Pediatricians Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Noel Vallesteros
Members - Carmela Pedroso (1996)
        Elaine Manzanero
        Kristine Climaco-Yraola
E4. UNP Training Program for Dentists Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Liza Centeno (1988)
F. Public Good Subcommittee: 
Chair – Ian Ermita
Deputy Chair – Michelle Meneses (2002)
Secretary – BevsCueto (2008)
F.1. Dental Fair Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Carmela Pedroso
F.2. Prostho Mission Subcommittee:
Project Chair -  Winston Cham
F.3. Oral Cancer Screening Subcommittee:
Project Chair – MelaiKarganilla-Frange (1994)
F.4. Dental Mission Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Michelle Meneses
F.5. Tubig Para saKalusugan Subcommittee:
Project Chair – 
Members - Rochelle Javier (1996)
Lala Sanchez 
       Marie Palmiano (2010)
Ayn Alfaro (2003)
       Michael Mendoza (1999)
       Tess Oliveros (1995)
       Roseanne Rosanes (1994)
       Daisy Cas (2012)
LielPlantig (2011)
G. Centennial Events Subcommittee:
Overall Events Chair – Vicky Pangilinan
G.1. Art Projects Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Ditas Dominguez (1990)
Deputy Chair – Josie Francisco (1957)
Members – Angie Atienza (1982)
       Marilyn Leung
       Grace Martinez (1985)
                       PerlaTriviño (1973)
Jeje Santos (1983)
       Johan Chuaunsu (1990)
Pia Antonio (1999)
G.2. Centennial Lectures Subcommittee:
Project Chair – Armin Segarra (1986)
Honorary Chair – Jet Custodio
Deputy Chair – Michelle Segarra (1991)
Members:  Monica Yniguez (2008)
Junia Mae Deauna (2011)
Kristine Dizon (2014)
ThesaBati (graduating Dec. 2014)
G.3.  Centennial Golf Cup:
Project Chair – Danny Samaniego (1982)
Honorary Chair – No-ne Rivera 
Deputy Chair – Fay Dizon
Members – Mike Tan (1988)
Gerry Sunico (1986)
Peach Tala-Sunico (1995)
Jet Custodio
Vicky Pangilinan
G.4. Centennial Kickoff:
Project Chair – Jeje Santos
Honorary Chair – NadjaTrinchera
Deputy Chair – MarcelleSalinda (1986)
Members - May Carol Sia (1992)
Kristine Pacete-Estrera (1995)
Tina Liwanag-Medina (1980)
Karla Ranches (2003)
Malou Domingo
G.5. Grand Alumni Homecoming Night:
Project Chair – MayeeAlmoro
Members – Vicky Pangilinan
        Jing Bognot (1990)
                     Rhea Reyes (1990)
                     Teresa Goduco (1990)
ConconVigilar (1990)
                     Jet Custodio
                     Johan Chuaunsu
                     Joyce Grajeda (1990)
DickyBoncan (1990)
                     Joyce Go (1990)
G.6.  Tree Planting:
Project Chair – Marilyn Leung
Deputy Chair – Bobby Eustaquio
G.7.   Sportsfest and Family Day: (Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Fun Run, Family Day, Mr& Ms. UP-CD)
Project Chair – Tristan Ramos (1993)
Deputy Chair – CristyLaureta (1988)
Members – RA Rosanes
       Charlie Atienza (1995) 
                     Ian Ermita
G.8. Centennial Gala and Recognition Night:
Project Chair – Liza Centeno
Deputy Chair – Chico Damatac (1982)
H. Commemoratives Subcommittee:
Overall Commemoratives Chair – Jun Clemente (1989)
H.1. Coffee Table Book:
Project Chair – Tes Lara (1985)
Deputy Chair – Angie Atienza
Members – Carla Sison (1991)
                     Giselle Yumul
        Kristine Avenida (2004)
        Alan Roa
JojoBuizon (1983)
        Jean Arevalo
        Karina Mandigma (2012)
        Jun Clemente
H.2. Centennial Marker and Time Capsule:
Project Chair – Grace Martinez
Deputy Chair – OlieCarandang (1985)
Members – UP-CD Class of 1985
H.3. Memorabilia and Souvenirs:
Project Chair – Martin Reyes (1995)
Deputy Chair – JojoQuinitio (1995)
Member – Sheila Reyes (1995)
      Rodolfo Tensuan (1995)
      Rachelle Sobrevinas (1995)
H.4.Commemorative Stamp: 
Project Chair: Turing de Leon (1986)
H.5. Centennial Wall of Donors:
Project Chair - MayeeRegudo-Almoro
Deputy Chair – Vicky Sevilla-Pangilinan
Member – Jet Custodio
H.6. Membership:
Project Chair - Giselle Yumul
Members – MayeeRegudo-Almoro
Roseanne Rosanes
Maricar Silva (2002)
H.7. PDA Collaboration:
Chair - LissaAguiluz (1983)
Co-Chair - Turing de Leon
Members - Malu de Leon (1986)
       Giselle Yumul
H.8.  Ad Hoc Committee on UP-CD Auditorium Renovation
Chair – Marla Valenzuela (1989)
Interior Designer – VitoyBenabaye