"Membership Benefits for UPDAA Members"

By: Giselle Yumul

The UPDAA is trying its best to provide its active members with benefits that will make them feel right at home and important.

All active members are now provided with a PhP100,000 Accidental Death Benefit and Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit.  Active members are those who pay their annual membership dues of PhP500. 

This particular benefit is awarded to all active members below 65 years of age.  A future deal on covering active members 65 years and older is being negotiated. 

Last May, active members also enjoyed a special 20% discount from Dental USA during the 105th PDA Annual Convention.
Active members are those members who pay membership dues during the annual foundation day and homecoming in February.  

The UPDAA Board resolved during its last meeting that life members will be provided the same benefits as active members essays4you.net/.
More good news for our alumni shall be forthcoming as the present UPDAA is striving to make active membership its own reward.  In fact, all generous Alumni who gave I-Care donations shall be automatically deemed as active members for year 2015 so for them, the membership fee is waived.  All graduates are also automatically members of UPDAA. 

All these, just to entice our beloved alumni to continue supporting our beloved UP-CD in the years to come.

Check out the schedule of benefits awarded to active and life members