The Centennial UPDAA Officers were proclaimed during buy essay questions and answers the 99th Foundation Day on Feb. 7, 2014 at the UP College of Dentistry Auditorium with a 2 year term.  From Left to Right-  Drs. Ian, Ria, Marilyn, Irene, Carina, Bobby, Michelle, Vicky, Armin, Fay, Joji, Mayee, Riza, Alan, Liza, No-Ne, (Giselle was not in Photo who was the M.C. at the time).  Most of them were the core group of the Centennial Celebration Committee which was organized in 2012.  
UPDAA New Office
It may be the first time in UPDAA History that we have our own office inside the College.  It is located behind the Dean’s Office.  It was reported to have been renovated to a tune of over PHP 400,000 by the Presidency of Dr. Armin.  It will be the Physical Headquarters of the UPDAA, Inc. where we can file all our documents.  But with the virtual world of the internet, our website will our other hub of information.  Visit your office at the College when you are there.

Short History and Past Presidents
1940 Formation of the UP Dental Alumni Association –The First UPDAA President was Dr. Josefina Recto-Ramirez
1948 After World War II of UPDAA was reorganizedwith Dr. FaustoTapiadoras UPDAA President 
1951 UPDAA President  Dr. Mariano Jazmines
1953 UPDAA President  Dr. Rufino Mendoza
1956 UPDAA President Dr. Luz Macapanpan awards UPDAA Scholarship
1959 Transfer of UPCD to UP Infirmary beside the Cancer Institute Building, also known as the site of the Padre Faura UPCD; 
UPDAA President  wasDr. LeodegarioTolentino.
1960 Dr. Jose Rodriguez appointed as Dean; UPDAA President  Dr. Sofronio San Juan
1962 UPDAA publication released UP College of Dentistry Journal
1963 Dr. Romulo Malabanan elected as UPDAA President
1981 UPDAA President Felipe Veneracion
1983 UPDAA President Dr. Jose Francisco
1985 UPDAA President Dr. Dr. Lilia Quetilio
1987 UPDAA President Dr. Eligio U. Dujunco
1991 UPDAA President Dr. ChingJoves
1998 UPDAA President Dr. Paul Achacoso
1999 UPDAA raised funds for the dissertation writing company New UPCD Building on Pedro Gil St.,  (President Paul Achacoso) with a car raffle.
2000 UPDAA USA (thru Dr. James Young) raised $ 34,500.00 for the building construction
2002 UPDAA President Irene Porter
2004 UPDAA President DaniloMagtanong
2006 UPDAA President Dr. Angela Gonzales
2008 UPDAA President Dr. Olegario Clemente Jr.
2010 UPDAA President Dr. Arnon Rivera
2012 UPDAA President Dr. Armin Segarra
2014 UPDAA Dr. Jocelyn Genevieve Tan

On May 19, 2014 the UPDAA, Inc.
Was able to Updated its SEC Papers.